After the official visits by the leaders of the Qatari regime to the countries of the world have been receiving great attention by the host countries and their local media, as well as the foreign media, these visits have started to receive no political attention or even in the media, where the leaders of the Qatari regime, especially Tamim bin Hamad, have been subject to great insults due to the neglect he has faced in his recent visits by the leaders of the host countries.

These embarrassing situations have also taken place in countries that are supposed to be friends and allies to Qatar. For example, during a ceremony organized by Erdogan, Prince Tamim stood in a long queue alongside diplomats and ambassadors waiting to shake hands with Erdogan, which is, according to diplomatic norms, can be seen as a great insult. In the customary protocol, the President usually meets with his counterparts to take some pictures and shake hands along with heads of state, kings and Premiers, however, Tamim waited among the diplomats and ministers to shake hands with Erdogan. Tamim also faced another insulting situation when the Turks seated him in a remote place during Erdogan’s inauguration speech at the presidential compound in Ankara, where he sat at the end of the first row and before him delegations of countries included ministers and diplomats less than in positions were seated. Moreover, during his entrance t to the presidential palace where President Erdogan delivered the speech, he was not greeted by any Turkish officials. Protocollary, the invitees are usually seated by special people who are allocated for that job, however, Tamim was treated by the administration like any diplomat!

On his 2017 African tour, the Qatari prince and his entourage were deeply humiliated in South Africa after President Jacob Zuma rearranged his meeting with the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad. These changes at the time angered the members of the Qatari delegation, which was frustrated by their humiliation, ill-treatment and underestimation, especially as the visit had been rescheduled more than once.

An example of these continuous scandals is when French President Emmanuel Macaron rejected the gifts of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, during his visit to France, which was aimed at trying to white-wash the image of Doha abroad. During his visit to London as well, the Qatari Emir was received with banners in the streets denouncing the Doha regime’s determination to support and finance terrorism and activists took to the streets of the capital condemning the terrorism of Doha. This has revealed that there is an indirect government support for these demonstrations against the policies of the Qatari regime, which was seen as another insult to the Emir of Qatar added to the many insults he faced in the recent period.

Demonstrations also broke out in front of the Italian parliament in protest the Qatari prince’s visit to Italy because of his financing of terrorism and his role in spreading chaos in the region. The Italians rejected Tamim bin Hamad’s visit to their country. The demonstrators raised banners indicating the Qatari support for terrorism in Europe and called for the cancellation of the visit and not to open the doors of the Quirinal presidential palace to the terrorist Emir of Qatar.

On his recent visit to Russia as well, the Qatari prince and his accompanying delegation were ditched and ignored by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Qatari delegation was unable to hold meetings with important officials in Moscow, making many observers call the visit a failure in all aspects.

In 2017, Tamim Bin Hamad also visited several Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, all of which were seen as unsuccessful, and did not achieve any of the Doha goals to break the isolation and try to white-wash the image of the Qatari regime, where the reception was cold and witnessed low representation and the visits ended without holding any important meetings or signing agreements as is usually the case.

On its current Asian tour, South Korea and Japan were clearly not impressed by the Qatari delegation’s visit. The Qatari prince received a very low reception. Seoul sent the minister of oceans and fisheries, while Tokyo, the deputy foreign minister, to receive a state leader in the airport on an official visit in an unusual move with the world leaders. The cold welcome to the Qatari Emir and not being received by the leaders of South Korea and Japan clearly indicates the lack of interest of the leaders of these two countries in this visit and that they allowed the Qatari Emir to visit them for mere diplomatic reasons and not to give any political importance to Qatar. There is full conviction in Seoul and Tokyo that Doha is not right and that it must engage in dialogue with the Arab Quartet and comply with all their demands and it is involved indeed in supporting terrorist groups and its policies are based on bribes, intelligence work and political capital, which is incompatible with the policies of the international community.

Even at the media level, Tamim’s visits to South Korea and Japan have not been noticed, and the visit has been ignored and little attention has been given.

As for China, Tamim was also insulted as he was received by the Chinese deputy foreign minister, the Qatari ambassador to China and the Chinese ambassador to Qatar. A reception that is diplomatically considered as a low-level one and only suitable to receive a minister not a country leader!

Doha’s political decline has many reasons, the most important of which is the Arab quartet’s boycott of Qatar and the insistence of the Qatari regime to support terrorism, its subversive policies and its refusal to comply with the legitimate Arab demands, which revealed the true face of the Qatari regime and its behavior to the world as a whole, hence Qatar has become an undesirable country, regionally and internationally.

Qatar’s non-compliance with the Gulf Cooperation Council system, which was the source of its power and influence in the world, and taking the Iranian side as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, which both are categorized as the most terrorist organization in the world, have placed the Qatari regime in a very bad position, and the world has started to look at the leaders of the Qatari regime as a gang that practices terrorism and subversive policies under the guise of diplomacy, trade and economic relations.

Another reason for the failure of these visits is that they do not bring anything new, and their sole aim is to white-wash the image of Doha after the flood of evidence of its terrorism. In addition, the world does not want to lose their relations with countries with regional and global influence, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and others, to give the Qatari regime, the opportunity to conduct face-lifting of its terrorist policies.

These visits, whose political and diplomatic reception level have greatly decreased after the boycott, are a clear indication of the weakness of Doha, its isolation and its attempt to break this isolation and improve its image to the world by conducting such visits, especially since the Qatari regime felt that it had already lost its legitimacy and by such visits it is trying to give some legitimacy to its rule of Doha.

The Qatari regime also aims from these visits to show that it does not need Arab and Gulf countries, and that it can be replaced by other European, Asian and Latin countries. It also wants to say that the boycott of Arab countries does not prove the terrorism of Doha, and the evidence is that several Western and Eastern countries still receive its leaders!

In fact, the type of reception that Tamim has received in his foreign visits after the boycott indicates that the world supports Arab Quartet policies towards Qatar and believes that the Qatari regime walks against the regional and global interests by supporting terrorism and its insistence on subversive policies. Moreover, this also indicates that the Qatari regime no longer has any political clout in the world, and its visits to other countries have little value, after the whole world has revealed the truth of this regime, its objectives and policies have been exposed.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

February 3, 2019