12 Feb

There is growing evidence of a plan adopted by the Revolutionary Guard, the Supreme Leader and other influential fundamentalist figures to transfer the authority of Ali Khamenei after his death to his son Mujtaba to become the next Supreme Leader of the country (the highest authority in the country, above the law and everyone). It is obvious that everything done by those are directed to implement this plan. For instance, the reformists and the Rouhani government have been surrounded, those who might reject this plan have been isolated and promotional propaganda to sell the prospect candidate has been put in place, and all conditions for the success of this plan have been begun.

One of these signs came this time from within the Supreme Leader house, and specifically from Mohammad Mohammadi Golpayegani, the head of Supreme leader’s office, when he invited a large number of members of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom to a dinner on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the revolution in Iran and amid reports about the deteriorated health condition of Ali Khamenei, Golpayegani praised Mojtaba Khamenei and his ideas and behavior, in an indication of his approval for Mojtaba to inherit the position of his father.

This society, whose members met the head of Khamenei’s office, is considered a close association of fundamentalists and currently heads the Supreme Council of the Qom Seminaries. One of the most important activities of this society is to determine the list of religious references qualified for this job, making decisions regarding important issues in Iran such as economic, judicial, human rights, criminal, cultural, political, social, which means that it has the greatest impact in controlling public opinion and dominating communities in relation to the most important and vital issues of the country, Which, of course, including choosing the one who will replace Khamenei.

During this meeting, Golpayegani extended his praise of Mojtaba Khamenei. The aim was clear: to promote Mojtaba’s superiority in his father’s succession. He said, according to Saham News website of the reformist leader Mehdi Karroubi that Mojtaba has been helping him in everything related to running the office of the Supreme Leader. Golpayegani added that Ali Khamenei has given his son many leadership responsibilities and confirmed that Mojtaba had reached the level of “Ijtihad” many years ago, and even some of his students have also reached this degree.

These statements, which came in conjunction with a revolutionary mobilization that the regime is trying to spread among the Iranian peoples, exploiting the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, come in fact as a process of preparing the heir for the post of the Supreme Leader, so that the Iranian people move from the stage of royal succession that ended in 1979 to the stage of religious inheritance which appears to be unlikely to succeed because of the growing popular discontent with the regime, the Supreme Leader and Mojtaba Khamenei, who seems to work behind the scenes. Reports confirm that he is one of the biggest supporters of executions in Iran and the one who led the crackdown on the Green Movement, which broke out in 2009 after Iranian authorities accused of rigging the election in favor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It is worth mentioning that the revelations of the head of Khamenei’s office that Mogtaba Khamenei has exercised  leadership responsibilities which have been given to him by his father is so alarming and confirm the intentions of Ali Khamenei to inherit the position of the Supreme Leader to his son and by this violating all Iranian people’s aspirations to appoint and determine the position of the guide by the Assembly of Experts, and violating the law and the Iranian Constitution. Experts warn that the Supreme Leader position’s inheritance will ignite a civil war in Iran and at the very least, a revolution in which the Iranian people are going to be subjected to the most severe repression, arrests and killings by the Revolutionary Guard.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

February 12, 2019