Since the inception of its current regime in 1979, Iran worked hard to strengthen its political, military and security influence in the region in twisted ways through seeking to infiltrate and weaken the internal structure of communities and institutions of the countries of the region and create a state of instability and if possible fighting and spreading sedition to be able to work freely there and create and establish terrorist groups, cultural and religious centers and institutions with the aim of finding access to deliver the poison of Iranian ideas and deceive young people and try to mobilize them to support Iranian schemes.

There is no doubt that Iran has been spreading strife, fighting, terrorism and instability in several countries in the region to serve its dubious interests, and what is happening today in Syria, Yemen and Iraq is the biggest proof of the Iranian Satanic politics and the reality of its objectives. Although it failed to realize its illusory project of restoring the glory of the Safavid Empire, it inflicted the greatest harm and evils on the peoples and nations of the region.

In order to pass these agendas and expansionist projects, Iran’s premier option which it used openly was terrorist groups, led by Hezbollah, the Houthis, sectarian militias in Iraq; and ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood covertly; and also failed to create other terrorist groups in Bahrain, Kuwait and North Africa, after wasting billions of the Iranian people fund. These terrorist groups and organizations have been and still are the Iranian hand that is threatening the security and stability of the region, which it uses to create chaos and fighting, weaken peoples and armies, and pressure governments.

But what has angered Iran, thwarted its projects and defeated its supreme leader and revolutionary guard is the Arab decisiveness by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, supported by the international community and the Islamic and Western countries, in curbing terrorism and cutting Iran’s supportive wings, especially as these efforts have succeeded and culminated in great victories through defeating the terrorism of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, dwarfing Houthis, Hezbollah and the other terrorist and extremist groups that take orders or cooperate with Tehran, which has constituted a serious blow to the Iranian terrorism in the region.

Iran has supported the terrorist organization of ISIS in all areas it has controlled, as this would also serve the Iranian plans. Iran was the reason behind prolonging the life of this organization. Iran did not fight ISIS or Al-Qaeda at all and has always been supportive after each strike they receive from the International Coalition to fight terrorism. if Tehran was sincere in fighting ISIS and the rest of the terrorist organizations, it was going to be enough if Iran stopped its support for them, as reports have confirmed and revealed the size of financial support provided by the Revolutionary Guard to ISIS, al-Qaeda, Houthis and Hezbollah, and relations linking the leaders of these organizations with the Quds Force and its leader Qasem Soleimani. It turns out that Iran has supported these terrorist organizations to use them as a guise and a tool for its expansionist projects, and such thing was well known by all regional and global countries.

The most prominent evidence of Iran’s role in creating ISIS organization is the retreat of Iran’s influence and the intervention of the Revolutionary Guard and the reduction of terrorist activities in the region after eliminating ISIS by 90%. This means that the elimination of terrorist groups is quite enough to curb the Iranian activities and the interventions of the Revolutionary Guard. Such fact is well known to the leaders of the Iranian regime, who are seeking to create new terrorist groups that can inherit ISIS and al-Qaeda in the region, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

To implement this, the Revolutionary Guard has been working to rescue ISIS’ senior leaders and then transferring them from Syria and Iraq to Asian and African countries in preparation to mobilize them once again and assigning them the tasks of leading other terrorist groups that Tehran is trying to establish in many places in Asia and Africa.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

February 26, 2019