Hezbollah scandals have increased recently as the financial support it receives from Iran has decreased following the latter’s recent economic and financial crises as a result of international and American sanctions, Tehran’s interventionist policies and the activities of the Revolutionary Guard in the region. This has led the party to activate its illicit trade to obtain funds necessary for its survival, but its uncalculated expansion in practicing internationally prohibited business has deprived it of the ability to maintain the secrecy of such activities as it was in the past.

Hezbollah’s resort to establish and run prostitution networks in a number of areas in which it operates in Lebanon and beyond, including what the Lebanese Almodon newspaper mentioned of a brothel run by Hezbollah near the headquarters of the security committee in Baalbek, refers to the party’s dire financial situation and to the deficit in its budget as a result of the reduction of Iranian support for it. This reinforces the hypothesis that the end of Hezbollah and the region’s salvation from its terrorist and subversive activities are nearing completion.

In fact, since its establishment and association with Iran, Hezbollah has established a number of prostitution networks inside and outside Lebanon for two main purposes: First; spying on senior officials in Lebanon and some Arab countries after assigning prostitutes to establish sexual relations with these officials, and then trying to lure them to give vital information to the party, which in turn provided to the Iranian intelligence services as well, and second; to earn money to finance the activities of the party and pay the salaries of its members.

In recent years, Hezbollah, in cooperation and coordination with the leaders of the Quds Force, the external arm of the Revolutionary Guard and the Iranian regime, has managed prostitution networks for espionage and making money, and have been active in Lebanon and in some Arab countries, where the party recruited girls to approach important figures in these countries in order to obtain information for it and for Iran. However, following its financial crisis, the party sought to expand these prostitution networks in order to raise more funds. The US State Department has previously highlighted on a large prostitution network in Lebanon that was revealed in 2016, run by Ali Zeaiter, who in 2014 was placed by the US Treasury on the list of terrorism as the procurement agent of Hezbollah.

These internationally prohibited businesses and activities, as well as Hezbollah’s terrorist activities and its involvement in the implementation of the Iranian expansionist and subversive plans in the region, have led many countries, particularly the United States, to include Hezbollah and its affiliated figures and entities on the list of terrorist groups and organizations and impose sanctions on the party’s activities including drug trafficking, human trafficking, smuggling, prostitution and many others.

More recently, British Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, revealed the intention of its government to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and to ban all its activities inside Britain. This decision is expected to be announced next week after the bill is presented to the parliament.

In addition to these scandals and crimes, Hezbollah has been active as a very important Iranian tool in creating chaos in the Arab countries, spreading terrorism, extremism and sectarianism as well as executing terrorist operations and creating spying and sabotage networks with the aim of undermining the stability of the Arab countries and weakening their governments and armies to facilitate the destructive Iranian project. Moreover, evidence and documents proved the involvement of Hezbollah in the implementation and attempts to carry out terrorist operations in many Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, in addition to its involvement in creating extremist groups and networks of espionage and sabotage.

These irrefutable scandals with their immoral and terrorist crimes have covered all the slogans of resistance and Jihad, which the party occasionally raises to deceive the Lebanese people and the Arab and Islamic peoples, and revealed the real reasons behind the establishment of Hezbollah and its objectives before not only the governments but all Arab and Islamic peoples.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

February 27, 2019