The ambitious powers in the Arab region found in Qatar the tool through which their expansionist projects could be passed by tempting it with fantasies of power and greatness. They seized control of it completely and turned it into puppet and a slave who did not dare to disobey orders. Then, for several years, the Qatari regime was involved in conspiracies that it was difficult to get out of or not continue in and became the most important part in implementing the agendas of these colonial powers.

The Israeli Zionism and the Iranian Magian have succeeded in deceiving the Qatari regime of their ability to turn Qatar into a pivotal state and a major player in the Middle East if it seceded from the Arab states and moved away from any Arab alliance or consensus. This is one of the projects and schemes in which Iran and Israel participated for the common interests they both have in achieving it, so that Qatar becomes the main engine of these expansion projects in the Arab world. Then, the three parties have participated in the formation of a network of extremist and terrorist groups under the Qatari control while Iran and Israel were working from behind the scene but with Qatari hand to achieve the ultimate results and convincing the elements of these groups to carry out the required activities without revealing their relations with the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation, Israel and Iran.

In fact, Qatar was not the first country where those enemies have tried to deceive. They tried repeatedly to pass their plans in a number of Arab countries, but they failed miserably, and their attempts collided with the rejection and vigilance of the officials and public, and in some countries have been counterproductive as it has been revealed the schemes of Iran and Israel against the Arabs on the one hand, and exposed the cooperation of the two sides, who pretend to be foes but in reality they are allies and cooperate to destroy the Arab countries. Nonetheless, unfortunately, they succeeded in persuading Qatar to work for them and were able to control Hamad bin Khalifa and Hamad bin Jassim and implicate them in a big and dangerous game after deceiving them of turning Qatar into a superpower country in the region.

Events and facts surrounding Tehran and Tel Aviv and the many reports on the relationship between them confirm the existence of cooperation between the two parties in turning Qatar into a tool to achieve their ambitions and objectives in the region by: instructing Qatar to oppose any efforts or joint decision by the Gulf Cooperation Council against the projects and plans of Iran and Israel in the region and turning it into a veto tool against any decision in the Cooperation Council or the Arab League aims at strengthening Arab national security.

In addition to that, turning Qatar into an espionage center and a situation room to target the security and stability of the Arab countries as one of the main objectives of this Iranian-Israeli cooperation. Moreover, using the symbols of the Qatari regime as spies on the closed meetings of the GCC and the Arab League. However, the leak of what was going on in these meetings to Iran and Israel through Qatar, prompted the Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, to expel Qatar from these important meetings to prevent such thing and any disrupt to the decisions in accordance with the interests of Tehran and Tel Aviv. This was the reason behind the lack of presence or the decline in the Qatari representation in recent meetings.

The Qatari budget was the main target of the Israeli-Iranian cooperation, and it was one of the main reasons for the coordination between Iran and Israel and their cooperation. Both sides need funds to finance their expansion projects, in addition to the need for an Arab side to pass economic and commercial projects within the Arab world and this the secret behind the huge economic relations between Qatar and Israel, and one of the reasons for the convergence between Iran, Qatar and Israel, but we must stress that Qatar is currently seeking to extend the hidden bridges of communication between Iran and Israel as an attempt to harm the Arab countries from one side and to maintain the flow of the security and political support from Iran and Israel on the other.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 10, 2019