Iran’s panics and fears re-emerges every time the UAE confirms its historic right of sovereignty over its occupied islands by the Persian expansion.

For Iran, the occupied Emirati islands are the starting point for its expansionist dream. Thus, the historical sovereignty right of the UAE over the islands disturbs the regime in Tehran and even the mere fact of recalling this right is prompting the Iranians to launch idiotic and furious statements that resemble the thief’s defense of his crime.

So far, Tehran has only practiced the behavior of the occupier, its lies and its very weak defense of occupying others’ lands. Therefore, it is obvious the extent of the concern and fear of the Iranian regime, because it is simply unable to respond to the diplomatic statements of the UAE, and its only response is being in denial and expressing surprised.

Fortunately, international, Islamic and regional forums and conferences are so many, and the UAE does not miss the opportunity in each one to reaffirm its right to sovereignty over its occupied islands. And this what drives Tehran to verbal madness, refuting facts and denouncing the statements of the legitimate and historical right holder.

If we wonder what Iran wants to achieve from commenting on every statement made by the UAE diplomacy regarding the islands, the answer to this question is very simple. Iran finds itself compelled to respond as its silence might makes it look weaker. But the dilemma which Iran is not aware of is that its responses also put it in a weak position where it tries to defend a mistake it has committed but is determined to continue it.

On the other hand, the UAE has managed over the past years to put the ball in the court of the Iranian occupying side. The UAE’s readiness for international arbitration worries Iran and the mere Emirati talk about its islands also bothers Iran. As tension, anxiety and nervousness surround Iran, it should realize that its reactions expose it and show how shaky and weak its arguments are about this just Arab-Emirati issue, like other issues where Tehran involves itself in.

The Iranian media can only show confusion in this matter, as do the politicians, because the UAE’s position is stronger and more confident in the right to sovereignty at the historical level and international law.

In the most recent example of the confusing Iranian reactions, as usual, was its response to the remarks of His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the opening meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in which he reiterated Iran’s occupation of the UAE islands. Hence, the headaches returned to the heads of the Iranians, and they no longer had enough energy to invent lies to justify the occupation of the territory of others. However, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasimi said in a way that the meetings of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were not a good occasion to talk about Iran’s theft of Arab lands! This is precisely the correct understanding of his response to the statements of the head of UAE diplomacy.

In fact, if Iran was serious about maintaining fruitful Islamic cooperation among the OIC countries, it must then stop its occupation of the islands, stop persecuting the Arab population in Al Ahwaz, and to cut off its support to its satellites in the region which are used to sabotage and threaten the security of many Arab countries.

The Iranian responses to the UAE’s statements about its legal and historical rights in the occupied islands have become boring and do not provide nothing new worthy of attention. Those which try to misuse the OIC meetings to cover up their crimes and expansionist tendencies is Iran, not the United Arab Emirates!

As for the Iranian spokesman’s evasion from discussing the issue of the UAE islands and jumping to the Yemeni subject, this convicts the Iranian policy more, and exposes the extent of its exploitation of the Yemeni issue, because it is the harming party, which plays a sabotage role and then denies its intervention and its malignant role that extends to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

If talking about the Emirates Islands will lead to tension in Iran’s political and media circles, we will make this continue and this issue will not be closed by the UAE until it regains full sovereignty over its three occupied islands.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 11, 2019