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A railway linking Iran to Iraq!! This is one of the projects that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani aspires to achieve in his visit to Baghdad. With this project, he wants to hit more than a bird with a single rail track crossing the Iraqi-Iranian border, after being the scene of the death of thousands of Iranians who carried indulgences in the era of Khomeini as a permit to go to heaven, but instead they went to hell in a war that destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, and revealed the extent of Persian racism and its absurd wars against the Arabs.

Rouhani wants to give the Iranian influence a fast train, crossing the border into Iraq without war, and fueled by an old rusted ideology to achieve Khomeini’s dream at the lowest cost. He also seeks to raise his credit as well as his team inside Iran at a critical stage, where everyone is looking for ways to prove merit in serving a collapsing regime so they may receive awards and medals, such as recently obtained by Qasem Soleimani, for the military services he provided beyond the sovereignty of other countries, mainly in Iraq, which does need trains to transport more Iranian gangs to Mesopotamia.

Rouhani wants to shorten the road to Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut. The (expected) train is expected to carry the Revolutionary Guard’s elements, along with anyone who has a crazy desire to fight the Arabs in their country. If the Iranian battalions used to take a lot of time before they reached Iraq in the past, the train project would reduce time, bringing Iranian pilgrims and soldiers to Iraq and Syria in record time.

Talks about carrying Shiite pilgrims to areas they consider sacred in Iraq will be used as a guise and nothing more! If the railway project is implemented indeed, Iran’s focus in the future will be on what the train can carry from Iraq to Iran and not vice versa. Iran may send thousands of Shiite pilgrims to Iraq, but Iraq will get nothing in return but overcrowding, chaos and accidents, and the consumption of food, water and medicine from the Iraqi market. While Tehran seeks to use the train to help it overcoming the Western sanctions, to break the import ban and accessing the Iraqi market for its low-quality goods. Iraqis will only be given old slogans that have not made any gains, even for the Iranians themselves in the last four decades!

What Iran is looking for is its interest and it wants to exploit Iraq to circumvent the sanctions imposed on it, even if this would lead to impose harsh sanctions on Baghdad because of its violation of economic measures against Iran.

On the other hand, the betrayal of the Iraqi politicians to their country and their people will be clear from now on if they bow to Rouhani’s expansionist project. The Iranian train, which will crawl like an anaconda, will destroy in its path the dignity of the Iraqis as well as looting their wealth, and will turn Iraq into a place for collecting tribute and an open crossing for the Iranian army to the region.

When Iranians talk about the extraordinary relationship they have with Iraq, we know that they praise those who consume their low-quality goods while they do not give Iraq anything in return. Hence, the bilateral relations are not based on the exchange of interests as the side which gains more is Iran, while Iraq is just a market for Iran’s rotten goods and a station to supply it with funds and equipment that are unavailable in the Iranian market.

Rouhani revealed the aim of his visit to Iraq quickly, saying Monday in his first statement to Iraqi state television that he “looks forward to establishing a railway project with Iraq in the near future.” This is a proof that Iran has not only done its part to destroy the present of Iraqis but wants to reserve a place for itself in the future to control Iraq’s wealth and strike its national unity and its right to establish equal relations with others, not based on exploitation and looting, as Iran is doing.

A train between Iran and Iraq will bring more underdevelopment, poverty and chaos to Iraqi territory. If Iraq’s politicians are afraid of confrontation and cannot say no to Iran, there is no doubt that the near future will bring much stronger Iraqi voices and firmer Arab positions that will put an end to Iran’s growing ambitions. The Iraqi leadership today must place the interest of the Iraqi people at the top of its priorities and ensure burying the Iranian train project under Rouhani’s turban indefinitely, and specifically until Iraq regains its position and ability to put its interests first and dealing with the tricks of Iran with vigilance.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 13, 2019

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