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The international community has for years shown naive good faith about Iran’s adherence to its commitments and then discovered that Iran is not worthy for any dialogue, because it does not treat others as a state that prevailing international laws can be applied on it, but it sees itself as a radical religious revolution that divides the world into believers and infidels!

Recently, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that “the United States calls on Iran to act as a natural state,” in the context of his talk about the sanctions imposed by his country on Iran. Pompeo’s description was accurate, accusing Iran implicitly that it is does not act like a state, and that is true completely.

Iran is acting recklessly and madly, on the one hand it shakes hands with the West, and on the other, it dedicates its media to attack what it calls the Western hateful attack. No one knows exactly what Iran might have has so others would hate it. Can a country be envied for the long queues of its poor? Or for the domination and control of the clergy over every single issue in the country?

For four decades, the world has been calling on Iran to be only a normal country, in the direct sense of the concept of the state, i.e. the entity that can be dealt with and can give guarantees for fulfilling its obligations such as the nuclear deal that Tehran wanted to exploit, to win time in order to complete its mysterious destructive project in the region. Iran wants everyone to shut up, while its politicians do not stop talking and giving statements, which all suggest that Iran lives among an ocean of enemies!

The talk about the absence of the state in Iran has become common, because it is a description that imposes itself and expresses a reality that the world touches every day. It is logical that the pressure on Iran would intensify until it decides to go back to its sense.

Over the past years, since April 2015 in particular, Iran has entered a short and temporary phase of relative understanding with the West after the signing of the nuclear deal. Its foreign minister traveled enough to the European capitals until the American side decided to withdraw from the deal and sanction re-imposed on it once again. Now, taking into consideration the intensity of the Western pressure on Tehran and the growing ambiguity of any future cooperation with it, it is expected that more countries to withdraw from the nuclear deal to join the United States, which is betting on sanctions, to discipline Iran and stop its deception to the international community.

Soon, Iran’s diplomatic moves in Europe’s capitals will become an old memory, and silent albums, because Iranian fraud is pushing for new measures that support US sanctions and work to make them more effective. It is inconceivable that sanctions have no purpose. This is exactly what Iran wants to tell its people of the absurdity of the sanctions, its hostility to the Iranian people and being an expression of Western hatred of the regime of the Islamic Revolution!

The longer Tehran regime keeps using terms that do not belong to the contemporary political vocabulary, the more that neutral observer becoming sure that Iran is still stuck in the dilemma of the revolutionary ideology, with all its illusions and lies, which may have been necessary in the past to deceive the masses. But what is funny now is that Iran continues to adopt its old ideas, and its radical view towards the international community, which represents, according to the imaginations of the mullahs in Iran, a handful of evil infidels!

The West must understand Iran’s behavior. When Vienna, Rome, Brussels or any Western capital hosts an agreement in favor of Iran, Tehran smirks, then demands that its breach of the agreement be ignored and continues to tamper beyond its borders as well! Such a scenario should not be available anymore! Moreover, Tehran can no longer claim to be a party with whom others can agree on major issues, such as peacekeeping in the Middle East and acceptance of strict international monitoring to monitor its suspicious military projects.

With the United States withdrawing from the nuclear deal and the return of sanctions, Iran is now looking for temporary solutions to its economic difficulties. The Iranian elites, acting away from the stupidity of ideology and idiot slogans, know that Iran needs to free itself from the hegemony of Khomeini’s revolutionary discourse which instilled in the minds of his heirs a lunacy and slogans that would lead the Iranians to the abyss and that there is no way to save Iran’s future, except by freeing it from the current regime.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 14, 2019

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