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The above title is not taken from a PhD thesis or an academic research and we have no idea whether anyone has tackled such issue before, but we find it a rich subject and those who have spare time can study it to know more about the Iran’s Nazi media. A team of researchers can work on the endless wonders and marvels of Tehran’s media as it is not only news that is being used to spread Iranian propaganda, that is directly included in the context, however, this old and outdated style is applied to all types of press material in the Iranian propaganda tools, from articles, to investigations, to radio programs and televised programs. This, nonetheless, does not mean that there are no free journalists who stand up to the profession and have sense and knowledge that using such propaganda in this manner is ironic, and reveal the Iranian regime’s rush and its need to hide its failure by the propaganda.

What the media in Iran is doing is not something new as Nazi Germany during Hitler’s era gave utmost importance to the propaganda and employed all types of arts to serve the Nazi regime. While Goebbels, the Minister of Political Propaganda in Nazi Germany, was doing his job, he did not know that he was establishing an approach that would be used later by clerics who rule a country with iron and fire and use mobilization and incitement intensively.

such type of behavior that is targeting the masses to fill them with a huge load of propaganda, and the sweeping promotion of radical ideologies and thoughts are still effective and is being used in more than one place in the world. However, what the Iranian regime is doing of steering its media is the clearest example of using journalism and publication in that way which implicates modern media in manipulating people’s thoughts and bets on the repetition of lies, until they become in the recipients’ eyes as indisputable facts.

Through a quick review of some titles in the Iranian newspapers and news websites, we note the extent of backwardness in Tehran’s media and its static in a very old and outdated phase. The method of formulating news and selecting its subjects are subject to a primitive approach, as if it came out of the Nazi media museum or dictatorial regimes, which focuses on shaping the consciousness of their people by inventing lies, illusions, imaginary enemies and fantasy victories.

Iran’s media primary mission is to present a rosy picture of the future of the mullahs’ regime. But everyone knows that this picture is false and contradictory to the realist indications which suggest it is a dark and very gloomy future because, as always, introductions always determine the endings.

Back to the propaganda function of the news in the Iranian media, we know that the role of the news story in general in all countries of the world aims at introducing or discussing an event, in terms of answering those famous questions, which may differ about their arrangement, but it does not depart from (What, who, when, where, why, how).

As for the Iranian media, the provocative side occupies great importance and priority over the level of content formulation, selection of topics and priority setting. We find that the content does not seek to deliver information only, but to use the data within the mobilization agenda that is targeting those at home and abroad.

Based on this, Tehran’s media gives priority to the activities of the symbols of the Iranian regime, even if this relates to religious events, lectures or a Friday sermon. Those interested in following the Iranian media have noticed that Rouhani’s visit to Iraq has been used in the news to achieve propaganda gain more than anything else. Iran’s internal press and media outlets have also tried to highlight the regime’s ability to find alternatives to circumvent the sanctions and made the talks about the agreements signed with Iraq look like a method of Iran’s challenge to the United States.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 17, 2019

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