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Iran has been given a valuable gift by Qatar when the latter distanced itself from its Gulf sphere, such an action, which would lead to the fragmentation of the countries of the region and infiltrating their national security and the division of their external decisions, are all the top of Iran’s priorities. As time went by, Qatar became more involved in complying with the Iranian agenda, and without even getting anything in return from its services to the Iranian regime, except the obstinacy it showed and taking the role of the victim in a region that cannot tolerate dissonance and ignoring common challenges. But Qatar’s persistence has led it to the compliance with implementation a well-known Iranian media strategy that is based on spreading division among its opponents.

Those who follow the news and reports of the Qatari and Iranian press, they would realize the role they play in inciting hatred and betting on targeting the unity of the Gulf position, which brings together the two largest countries there: Saudi Arabia and the UAE. At a glance at Qatari and Iranian news headlines, the similarity of content can be easily observed. Over the past few weeks, in precise, news headlines have been almost identical, which would reveal that the Iranian and Qatari media center has been combined in one room, especially regarding the news and reports aimed at intra-Arab relations. It is no secret to observers that Doha is receiving advice from Tehran, and the latter has even become, through its media outlets, the spokesperson for Qatar!

Iran also insists, through its media policy, to revive the Arabic memory and to recall the atrocity of colonialism, by reproducing the traditional and flagrant colonialist approach, which is based on “divide and rule”. What the Iranian media publishes and echoed in Doha with utmost stupidity and blind hatred, is not far from using the approach of dividing countries that are facing the destructive Iranian role in the region.

A quick look at the headlines and topics of the Iranian media and the loyal Qatari ally, we find that the first topic, which occupies the top priority in the press of Tehran and Doha, is related to the repeated attempts aimed at hitting the relations among Arab countries, especially the UAE’s foreign relations and strategic alliances, and mainly its relation with Saudi Arabia, as the kingdom, with its role in leading the Muslim world, is troubling Tehran, and restricts its dissemination of sectarianism and chaos in the societies that have not been exposed to the Persian plague yet.

The other issue which Tehran and Doha like to use to deceive public opinion is the file of normalization with Israel, which has been covered by the Iranian and Qatari newspapers and exceeded all the mythical fairy tales, as there is a new fabricated story on daily basis, which has no basis.

Iran’s desperate attempts to dominate the countries of the region will not be repeated similarly to what happened with Qatar. Although Iran’s media does not miss any opportunity to incite division, but the lessons learned about the Iranian threat are not few, especially since we have examples of Arab countries that have been harmed and infected with the Iranian virus, as in Lebanon, where the army in that country has been forced to coexist, under deceptive pretexts, with a militia that is stronger than the Lebanese state and its army!

This is exactly what Iran wants, to make its satellites and sectarian groups are stronger than the state that cares, tolerates all its citizens alike, and calls on coexistence, openness and acceptance of the other. Anyone who stands against this destructive trend is causing headaches for Iran!

It is true that the Iranian interior is suffering serious economic and social fallout. However, Iran does not stop its ideological mobilization and claims that the economic difficulties are merely a price for its efforts to export the revolution, which only brought empty slogans and illusions to the Iranians that have nothing to do with their daily lives and their future.

Iran will keep looking for any loophole to hit the intra-Arab states relations, mainly by focusing on provoking those who use social media. Iran is keen to export its plans to the Arab communities. On the domestic level and in order to anesthetize its people, it is also keen to offer to the Iranian public false news, talking about alleged normalization, secret deals, and hypothetical enemies, thus such lies play their role in saving the regime as long as possible.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 18, 2019

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