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The Qatari media is so keen to work sincerely for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and all related entities, political parties and groups. Qatar has enough foolishness to provide the necessary funding to continue media absurdity in the region. This foolishness came with a price as Qatar has isolated itself from its Gulf and Arab surroundings. And let us not forget that one of the reasons why four Arab countries has boycotted Qatar was its finance for this chaotic media coverage because it was and still giving itself the right to support terrorist groups and to provide media platforms on their behalf.

When talking about Qatar we are of course talking here about a small country with a relatively small population, but still with huge financial revenues thanks to the natural gas’ selling. Qatar, however, spends most of this income, and deprive the Qatari people of it, to fund its media obligations in Turkey, London, Doha and elsewhere, all of which are representing suspicious terrorist groups.

Those who are in charge of Qatar should have thought rationally as this blind rush to finance and support terrorist and sectarian parties will only isolate Qatar more and more in the future, and weighs heavily on its existing burdens, especially since it has been for years the financer that is walking contrary to the global trends of combating terrorism, in addition to the waste of the Qatari people’s funds, and instead being used according to the tendencies and convictions of retired old man Hamad bin Khalifa.

The Qatari media has turned into a booster for the terrorist forces as well as a tool that paves the way for yet another new hotbed of chaos in the Arab region. As for the hotspots, Qatar wants them to remain hot as this would keep the Qatari media occupied with shouting, hypocrisy and crying!

Everything related to the terrorist group and its desperate operations in Egypt finds its way to the Doha media where the Qatari media fabricate reports, conduct interviews and write news by media professionals who were raised by this very same group. The aim behind this is to revive the body of the fragmented and divided organizational structure of the Muslim Brotherhood, both inside and outside Egypt.

Egypt, however, is moving forward with confidence to maintain a high economic growth, and to consolidate security stability in light of its possession of an army ready to defeat terrorism and destroy its sources, in parallel with restoring Egypt’s role in the African and international scenes. All this causes the Qatari capital a collapse because all the money that has been used to revive the Brotherhood and its armed terrorist cells, has done nothing to entertain the former ruler of Qatar, the old man who spends the rest of his life hoping to get some enthusiasm and surprises. Nonetheless, other surprises are happening indeed but, in a direction, he does not like, and this happens when Egypt or any other Arab country move towards stability and development, Qatar rushes to find a slit to question this and trying to create chaos out of nothing.

There is a method known to Qatar to keep its media under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam by training everyone who works in its media to sympathize with terrorism and beautify it with phrases that instructors in Doha are well aware of, who call terrorist operations with misleading names and descriptions that reveal Qatar’s sympathy with the terrorists and its encouragement to their crimes in the context of what it broadcasts, and that is evident in every news format.

An example of the Qatari media’s investment in extremism and backwardness is the insistence on indirect promotion to Iran’s capability of confronting the whole world as well as exporting its revolution. A revolution that has rotten in the heads of the mullahs of Iran and turned them into a wall that is preventing the Iranians from natural development, which all peoples on Earth experience. The Iranians’ share of freedom will inevitably come and then the Iranians must find a political system that abandons myths, stops exporting hate, and stops wasting money on battles and acts of sabotage in other countries.

As for Qatar’s continued fateful role, everyone knows that Iran is in a state of extreme weakness, coupled with harsh Western sanctions and accompanied by increased awareness among its young people who are facing repression. Still, Iran will continue to find support from the old Emir of Doha. Instead of spending what is left in his life in peace, he did not stop applauding the gangs of the Brotherhood and other agents which are fed by Iran in the Arab region.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

marsh 31, 2019

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