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By monitoring the current developments in the Yemeni arena, the successive victories of the legitimacy forces supported by the Arab coalition forces under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and with an active role by the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the solidarity of the Yemeni people and the intensification of their efforts in supporting legitimacy and rejecting the Houthis’ coup, as well as the successive defeats and heavy losses of the Houthi militias on many fronts, the reduction of the Iranian support for these militias after the financial and economic crises suffered by Tehran, the restriction of the Revolutionary Guards’  activities after being placed on the list of terrorism, and many other developments, it can be said that the fifth year of the Houthi coup and the Iranian tampering in Yemen will witness a victory for the legitimacy and the Yemeni people, and an end to the state of war and destruction Yemen has experienced because of the Houthi coup and the Iranian interferences.

Victory in Yemen is looming after four years of war and destruction. The signs for this can be seen in the political, field and social events which have drawn the end line of the Houthi coup after the legitimacy forces backed by the Arab Coalition have recently achieved a series of victories on all fronts where the Houthi gangs have suffered tremendous defeats, their moral and factual influence exceeded Houthi’s grasp, which is the most prominent feature of the near victory of legitimacy and the end of the Houthi coup, as many areas where the Houthis have tampered began to return to security and stability, where residents of 12 villages in Saada province, the main stronghold of the Houthi militia, returned to their homes, after the Yemeni army, backed by the Arab Coalition, freed these areas completely from the militias.

Over the past few days, the legitimacy forces, supported by the Coalition fighter jets, have been able to take control of new positions on the northern and western fronts of Ad Dali’ in central Yemen, and freed other areas from the Houthis while making progress in other fronts such as the Green Zone. The sources confirmed that the legitimacy forces have managed to control many areas after fierce battles with the Houthis’ militias, which suffered heavy losses, at a time where the Yemeni forces continue to move towards the Holm camp, controlled by the Houthi gangs.

On many other fronts in Yemen, and despite the desperate attempts of the Houthi leaders to prompt their fighters to stand the strain, which have recently become more hysterical and caused them huge losses because of the failure of all these attempts, it can be said that the Houthis have lost on all these fronts and their attempts to fight and confront have become futile and in vain. Their attempts were limited to deceitful methods and media propaganda that promote the idea of their tactical withdrawal rather than recognizing their defeats and losses on all fronts.

Politically, the Houthis are facing increasing state of isolation, both regionally and internationally, after many countries have withdrawn their political cover from this gang following their recent terrorist activities and practices and their continued violation of international laws and conventions, particularly the Al Hudaydah 2018 agreement, as well as carrying out terrorist attacks against civilians, using them as human shields, recruiting children, abusing women and many others, amid indications that Iran will abandon its Houthi ally this year because of its growing financial crises.

These victories, in conjunction with successive Houthi defeats, have greatly increased the enthusiasm and optimism of the Yemeni people throughout the whole country, who was quick to provide support and assistance to the Yemeni forces for their bid to eliminate the Houthi gangs and ending their coup and putting an end for the crimes they committed in the last four years. The increase in popular support for the legitimacy forces have come as a result of these victories, which revived the hope once again in the salvation of the state from war, chaos and destruction caused by the Houthi group, supported by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This popular motivation poses the most important feature of the end of the Houthi coup.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

April 25, 2019

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