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Iran, which was the reason behind most of the crises in the region, which started wars inside many Arab countries and killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of Arab and Islamic people, which continue to support terrorist groups to destabilize security and stability, is having support from the Qatari regime financially and economically, despite all the Arab, Islamic and international efforts to limit Iran’s terrorist activities and regional interference. By doing so, the regime in Qatar has added one more crime to its long list of crimes it has committed against the Arab peoples.

Numbers and statistics on the economic and trade activities, public and hidden, between Tehran and Doha, show a prominent role played by the latter in favor of the former, to the extent that it can be said that Qatar supported the financial bases used by the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards to finance their expansionist regional projects and terrorist activities in the Arab countries, which in turn dragged the Qatari economy into a gradual collapse following a severe crises caused by the Arab boycott of Doha because of its terrorist practices and its support for the region’s ambitious forces.

Customs reports reveal the Iranian-Qatari plot and the extent to which Tehran exploits Doha in its crisis by exporting goods and commodities at very high prices in order to steal hundreds of millions of the Qatari people’s money under the guise of trade and economic exchanges, to avoid any sudden financial collapse in the treasury of the Revolutionary Guards which is only designed to finance terrorist groups in order to destabilize the security and stability of the region to serve the Iranian and Qatari agendas.

The plot between Tehran and Doha has produced very negative results on the Qatari economy, while Iran has made great profits. Although this equation protected the two countries from collapse temporarily, it was completely in Iran’s favor, and revealed the extent of foolishness and stupidity that the Qatari leaders have, after turning their country into a milking cow for Tehran in exchange for security and military protection against an illusional Arab military attack that the Revolutionary Guards has passed to the Qatari leaders’ minds.

The Revolutionary Guards has followed the policy of carrot and stick with the Qatari leaders in exploiting their crisis by convincing them that the Arab boycotting countries are planning to attack Qatar militarily and end the rule of Al Thani, while convincing them that the Iranian economy will improve considerably after the lifting of sanctions and that Qatar will be Iran’s largest economic and commercial partner. This prompted the rulers of Qatar to open the doors of the Treasury to the greedy Iranians, in a bid to stay in power and for a favor Iran is expected to be back later. However, the current circumstances that hit Iran as a result of US sanctions, and the confirmed reports of no plan to attack Qatar military by the Arab Quartet, gave a powerful blow to the Qatari regime, and posed a prominent sign of the stupidity of the Qatari policy and the regime’s failure to run the country internally and externally.

Now, this ominous cooperation has reached a dead end and a breaking point after each party has become a burden on the other. Iran is suffering from dozens of financial and economic crises, the most important of which is a severe shortage of goods and commodities and will not be able to implement its trade and economic agreements with Qatar. At the same time, the latter will not be able to inject more funds to the Revolutionary Guards after serious crisis its economy has suffered, and continuing trade and economic ties with the Revolutionary Guards, which the United States has designated a terrorist organization, might expose Doha to harsh US sanctions. Politically, these relations will anger the United States and the international community from the Qatari regime, which is already suffering from regional, Arab and international isolation. Moreover, the Qatari regime is fully aware that relations with the Iranian regime are worsening the country’s economic situation to the extent that threatens Qatar to collapse.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

April 30, 2019

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