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The popularity of Trump is growing inside Iran to the highest levels: reasons and connotations

Unlike the Iranian propaganda led by the Iranian regime and its media, the United States and the current US president Donald Trump, in particular, has been popular and beloved by the Iranian people in general, and has expressed this on more than one occasion and through the means of social communication and the views of many political and human rights activists and even the editorials of several reformist Iranian newspapers and the opposition of “Wali Faqih”, which indicate the pressure on the Iranian regime to change its internal and external policies for the benefit of the people Iran, otherwise overthrow the regime even if it was done by military means.

In one of the results of public opinion polls, usually promoted by the Iranian lobby in the United States, especially the National Council of Iranian Americans, more than half of the Iranian people (about 51%) have a positive view of the United States, and the Iranian social media have shown that the popularity of the United States among the Iranian people has increased dramatically in recent times, especially after the arrival of President Trump. The reason for this is that the Iranian people are beginning to feel that the salvation from the regime of the authoritarian mullahs who persecuted them for the last four decades will be through the United States.

These results, which the Iranian regime seeks to conceal, reveal a number of facts and secrets inside Iran. The most prominent of these are: refuting the regime’s claims of hostility between the Iranian peoples and the United States, exposing the size of the gap between the ruler and the people and the extent of hatred and resentment of the Iranian towards the regime, while this regime pretending that they live in cohesion and unity… and so on, proves the credibility of the slogan “our enemy at home and not abroad,” raised by demonstrators in the recent protests that swept over 100 Iranian cities, and this proves as well that this regime is threatened to fall and disappear at any time.

This fact is the most confusing of the Iranian regime at present, especially after the tendency of some politicians and reformists with the Iranian people in the positive attitude towards the United States, and show them the desire to negotiate with the US, even the Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif himself suggested the idea of negotiation about The exchange of prisoners, which angered the leaders of the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guard.

The Iranian regime is trying to conceal such those mentioned results, in such ways like the complete control of the media and the pursuit of control over social media, to promote the idea that hostile American policies are aimed at the Iranian people rather than the regime, and to prompt the Iranian media and officials to speak on behalf of the Iranian people and attack the United States And Trump, with strict control and security cordon on officials and activists and the suppression of anyone who shows his support for the United States or even establish hidden relations with US officials.

As the gap between the ruler and the people of Iran is getting bigger, there are signs that those people do agree with the policies of the US against Iran, especially after the arrival of the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to the Arabian Gulf. Things seem to be turning upside down against the regime and the mullahs, and the people are turning into a bomb that could explode at any moment due to poor living conditions.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

May 12, 2019

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