Al Mezmaah

About us

The Centre of studies and researches working within a perfect course of action based on providing different studies, researches, news and sundry opinions that concern our public.

Our Centre is also competent in the studies and national researches and all the fields that are directly related  with the United Arab Emirates at all levels. This is an independent Centre established by Dr. Salem Humaid with the aim of concentrating on the regional affairs of the United Arab Emirates and also its repercussion at the Arab and international level and all that  which exalt the name of the United Arab Emirates.

Al Mezmaah

It means the basket made from the woven palm leaves, and molded  in the form of spiral in order to be in the form of a basket which  is used  by the sea and land people working in different fields and the fishermen  used it  to carry  precious shells and pearls  which they hunted  from the sea after a severe effort at a time when the pearl trade was the economic nerve of many UAE cities.

Al Mezmaah is the Emirate symbol of a basket with which we carry what is beneficial to us from information, news, studies and opinions  that are being chosen  carefully for you  to be available to you wherein we provide you precious information after thorough study in the depths of the matters in order to pervade the benefit for all. 


Activity of the Centre

Within a short period, the Centre created a great impression on issues related to UAE, Egypt and Iran, with addition to other researches that are compatible with the national view of the UAE on the regional, gulf, Arab issues. The Centre tried through its contributions to assert the depth of political approach of UAE or its contribution of thought related to regional issues, and to strengthen the Arab interests.

In the research field, the Centre succeeded in producing at national level many researches which dealt with development activities and the level of development going on in UAE, and its role in the development of Arab and Islamic countries, with addition to it, highlighting on the foreign policy of the country. The researches concentrated on enhancing the idea of national identity in UAE and to expose its aspects of civilization and the Centre also introduced a special issue on the occupied UAE islands.

In accordance with this, Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Centre introduced competitions based on research such as the competition “the United home” which aims to polarize the local and residents in the state, with the objective of enhancing the spirit of belonging to UAE, and it provided the reader valued research which deals with the national affairs of UAE and everything that supports to make the national sentiment at its apex.

The Centre presented competition on the human rights in UAE constitution, and other research and film competition on the coherence with  the customs and traditions of UAE, in spite of the modern shifts and developments. The Centre also, organised many national awareness seminars and publications and TV production to enhance the nationalism and belongingness to the country.   

The Centre presented abundant quality and value based contributions of thought and views which discussed the issue of Egypt during June – November, 2013, by submitting complete study on the emerging issues and the menaces that Egypt faces, and exposing the difficulties inside Egypt and the supporting stance of UAE to Egyptian people.

The Centre highlighted on the Iranian issue, by presenting in depth studies on is internal and external policies and its races, the fancies Iran wish to promote in the region, the dangers emanating from that policies, its foreign relations and its interventions in Arab affairs. One of the features of those studies is  that, the majority studies came from Iran, especially from the writers in Ahwaz Arab province.

The Centre also concentrated on the regional issues such as Gulf affairs, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Yemen and Turkey with addition to the studies on the security in the Gulf region.

The centre presented many studies based on the vision regarding the new course of the Islamic thought, roots of conspiracy against UAE, dangers and plans of the Brotherhood organisation on the future of Egypt, Gulf and UAE and the history of Brotherhood.

The Centre presents a special weekly study, in which the important issues in the Arab world are discussed, with group of publication of books on the same subject, the most of which concentrated on UAE issue with contemporary vision.


Popularity of the Centre

The observers of the activities of the Centre are increasing in UAE and in Arab world, which denotes that, the Arab citizen is attracted to its contents and its competence in the thought. Its popularity is spreading among the people beyond the Arab world and non Arab community especially among  Iranians who are well versed in Arabic.

The Centre aims to be a source of research based on details for Arab citizen, political researcher and even to the decision makers. The indications underline that, the Centre pursues an open approach to the diversification of thought, which will make the research at its high level. 

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