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Studies and researches

AlMezmaah Centre  carries out researches and studies based on clear methodology and this service is rendered to the public in the United Arab Emirates and Arab world and to those who are interested to know the facts concerned with many subjects and these researches are submitted by the Centre through its website and headquarters.

The Centre is providing this service to companies, establishments and persons who are interested to have thorough knowledge on specific issues especially that are related to United Arab Emirates at all levels whereas Al Mezmaah Centre provides research and study services on sundry issues.

In order to achieve this objective Al Mezmaah Centre is planning to attract experts and depend on those who are well versed in history, culture and politics to cover this aspect systematically and academically.

University Services

The Mezmaah Centre is providing different services for students and helps them at their university and post university level.

The Centre provides consultative service to those students who wish to join in universities whether inside the United Arab Emirates or outside the country by helping them to opt appropriate field of specialization and university.

And also the Centre provides help through its experts to students in their different fields of researches and at all levels and interact with them to strengthen their academic and scientific journey.

The Centre is concerned especially with higher study students whether at Master or doctorate level by helping the university students to opt apt universities to complete their majors and also helps them to complete different researches and studies, to train and help them to achieve the required specialization and this consultative service is in conformity with general professional precepts of the universities inside the United Arab Emirates and outside.


Al Mezmaah Centre provides service of publishing books and literatures whether that are related to cultural, historical and scientific books and cover all majors and streams such as novels, stories and sciences, tourism and poetry.

The activity of the Centre is not confined to providing services of printing, publication and distribution but it is functioning the process as a whole whereas it provides designing of printing materials and producing it at artistic level.

We provide service of scrutinizing the content of the book and consultative services to the writer and the author. The Centre supports the Emirati youths those who have intrinsic talents and possess valuable worth publishing production capacity where it is available to them all required consultative services and provides them with accurate and precise assessment of the subject intended to be published.

Media services

Al Mezmaah Centre with its experienced team in the media field provides distinguished media service to establishments and individuals where it provides total public relation services based on the idea of interacting the private and public media, media publicity and integrated media campaigns, holding press conferences, publishing news related to the companies, establishments and its formations.

In other words, the Centre is providing comprehensive media service and also provides through its expert employees in the media field consultative service to all those interested.

The Centre renders  media training  service through specialized professors in this field and by cooperating  with media teams and deep rooted  establishments and makes the students in the  media sphere  in the United Arab Emirates able to utilize this distinguished media service.



The website of the Centre is easy to browse, which provides follow up of Arab and world books, and observation on the important Arab newspapers, and the Twitter and activities related to it, with addition to the activity of public political personalities. 

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