What do you know about Emirates

What do you know about the United Arab Emirates?
The spectacular rise experienced by the United Arab Emirates after its union in 1971 is a natural extension of a long history of mobility humanitarian who produced several ancient civilizations in various state land over the eras and ages, has shown excavations on the several civilizations which civilization area Hafeet in the period between (3200 BC. AD – 2700 BC). in the Bronze Age, and in the Umm Al Nar has other civilization (2700 BC. AD – 2000 BC). in addition to several civilizations contemporary in areas Bidiyah and Hailey Hill cabled and Kalba, Umm Al Quwain and reunification, which has In the period between (200-1300 BC.).
The Iron Age found different effects them Almsamaiorseoff long and arrowheads dating back to 300 BC., As I discovered a square-shaped fortress back Elyaam 200 BC. AD. Surrounded by four towers and an external wall 55 feet tall. Also found within a stone mold mint a coin.
The Islamic era was the UAE where history, note that the region has witnessed some religions before Islam, including what is indicated by some excavations in the area of ​​Al Qusais archaeological Dubai, religion worship snakes, where it was discovered a temple dedicated to the worship of snakes in Dubai at the beginning of the Emirates Current. Also known as the UAE in the past religion Parsee days of ignorance, as well as the Jewish religion made from Yemen, and then Amman, and lived in some of the eastern areas of the United Arab Emirates today, as it existed also Christianity, where I discovered some antiques, which confirmed the presence of Christianity in the region.
In 1507 Portuguese arrived coast of the UAE and committed massacres mankind countless, but the state Elierbeh which was founded in the Sultanate of Oman today in 1624 AD was able to conquer the force Portuguese and humiliated in several areas of the territory of Oman and the UAE coast and the various coasts in the Indian Ocean, and was able to state Elierbeh of expulsion of the Portuguese from the Arabian Gulf in the final in 1720.
In the sixteenth century, and almost in 1550 extended the influence of denominators on the Persian coast, especially the town of linga and its environs, and in 1631 emigrated large numbers of Arab Emirates to the Persian coast to join the nucleus of the emirate Qasimiyah in the northern part of Msheechthm, the Emirate own corps and fleets freely unable fleets other countries in the region confront until the year 1819, when Britain succeeded in developing a comprehensive plan and launch a massive campaign enabled it to crushing force Qasimia that was launched on the coast haphazardly title (pirates Coast), due to the naval force that was enjoyed by the people of the UAE.
In the mid-nineteenth century the Persians succeeded in ending Al Qasimi, the city government to linga and expel Al Qasimi, ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Qasimi, 1899.
In 1820 and signed chiefdoms Emirates several agreements with Britain, including those related to maritime navigation and border disputes and differences between the chiefdom and business affairs and others, was the last of the agreement signed in 1892, which stipulates the monopoly of Britain relations between them and the chiefdom with a pledge not to cooperate with any third parties or Foreign governments of Britain, and respect for the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates on its territory chiefdoms and accessories.
 In the year 1952 established the British Council to the elders of the UAE under the name of "the Trucial States" and centered in the city of Dubai, the goal to unify the views of chiefdom in the UAE and support issues, indicating that the brick Union chiefdom UAE dating back to the pre-union official more than 20 years.
In 1968, Britain declared its willingness to withdraw from the all chiefdoms United Arab Emirates, was done in 1971, where she met the UAE chiefdoms into a single entity under the name of the United Arab Emirates under the chairmanship of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
It is worth mentioning that the UAE has not been colonized by the Ottoman Empire, and Britain, because the relationship Britain was not colonize tutelage.
What do you know about Emirati citizen?
Union before the country's population was living a hard life and harsh, imposed on them the face of difficulties and risks كالغوص for pearls or the pursuit of daily sustenance through fishing or herding cattle and confront arid desert conditions or harsh mountains.
Included Emirates three diverse environments is desert, mountain and coastal, has integrated these three environments and Tmazjt and Tshard problem union unspoken among the population since ancient times, backed by a lot of commonalities Kchaph customs and traditions and the unity of heritage and tradition and ways of thinking and folk arts, and others.
The ethnic origins of the people of the UAE:
Like other residents of the Arabian Peninsula belongs UAE residents to oldest tribal Arabians, who immigrated to chiefdoms Emirates BC more than 120 years ago by الأزديين; where he was named "Nizaris" on the first migration of Arab to the UAE coming from Yemen after the collapse of the Marib Dam, then Arab tribal migrations have proliferated in the later stages of migration known Yemenis Qahtanyen.
The first is the migration of migrations Azd tribe led by Malik bin to understand kadhdhaab. Then branched tribes Nizari, Yamania and formed Btona and multiple أفخاذا resulted in hundreds of tribal designations, also immigrated to folks and non-Arab peoples of Asia, Persia and Africa, for the purpose of work or residence.
Cultural and environmental training for Emirati citizen:
Advantage of the UAE population Bmuruthat ancient common since ancient stemming from the Arab customs and traditions authentic teachings of Islam tolerant; Kakarm innate and serenity spiritual values ​​that blended with the environment Bedouin and marine فأنتجت that adapt to reality and Alaatzasalmstrk a number of words such as palm trees and camels, fish, perfumes and natural herbs in Therapeutics and hawks, horses and Almoyer Balkhcom Dalla and popular games, poetry and ethics boards and uniforms, architecture and culture community, and pearl oysters, which was an important source of wealth and staking of trade in the period before the discovery of oil, and many other factors.
Islamic law and personal freedoms:
UAE society Islamic society in general, is committed to the individual between him and his conscience to obey God, he performs his duties and respects the values ​​that raise significant humanitarian and respects all religions and different faiths that call for Salah and ethical behavior, it has raised in accordance with the Islamic principles of tolerance far from fanaticism or religious puritanism .
Other aspects:
In the political affairs of the country suffered the past of fluctuations and political and regional conflicts, health and grandparents were suffering from scarcity of medical clinics, and rely on traditional medicine. And distinguish Omran بالحصون, castles, and lived most of the city's population in houses built of Arish, and only the wealthy and dignitaries lived in houses made of building materials strong Kaljs and lime and wood.
Emirates recently:
After the union in one state became the UAE constitution derived from Islamic law, and its institutions, which established the rules of modern civil state, and flag common and powers of planning, administrative, legislative, executive, and infrastructure integrated on which the integration of all the reasons for the life of luxury and comfort, to become one of the countries most attractive for visitors and tourists and asylum immigration and labor.
It has also become a council of national who is participating citizens in the selection of its members through the elections and the nomination, and the law which provided for the citizen and non-citizen all civil rights, legality and sponsored various public freedoms and the highest international standards, and won the state several Joaúzaaalmih in various fields renaissance also got top-notch titles and global assessments, and the girl policy on the basis of balance and full independence and neutrality, also known to provide humanitarian aid to those in need all over the world in different ethnicities and beliefs according to humanitarian integrated look.
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